The Shearer Classic Guitar Strap is an innovative solution to the widespread problems of holding the Classic Guitar in the traditional manner. Developed by world renowned Classic Guitar Teacher Aaron Shearer and manufacturing/design development by Thomas Kikta, this device promotes back and shoulder alignment, avoids lower back pain associated with the elevated left thigh and provides maximum freedom for both hands in playing the guitar. Attaching the strap to the Classic Guitar, as shown in the enclosed "Guitar Positioning Booklet", produces equal comfort and security when performing while both standing or sitting.

Finally freedom for the
Classic Guitarist!
patent pending


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Item   Units
The Shearer Classic Guitar Strap FABRIC

Item   Units
The Shearer Classic Guitar Strap SUEDE

With each purchase of The Shearer Classic Guitar Strap you will receive:
1 Classic Guitar Strap
1 Eye Screw
1 velcro neck attachment
1 velcro guitar body attachment
1 positioning handbook

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permanent eye screw attachment guitar body attachment temporary neck attachment

Can be attached for superior
postioning with steel string acoustic
and hollowbody electric guitars too.

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